July 14 Best Shot Results

Here are the results of the 4 Person Best Shot tournament that was held on Sunday, July 14th.

First Flight:
1. Orr, Wykoff, Overton, Bryan
2. DeForrest, DeForrest, DeForrest, Calhoun
3. McMain, McMain, Simon, Hawbaker

Second Flight:
1. Adreon, Michaelis, Koerselman, Nunez
2. Ornduff, Rosenbalm, Talarico, T. Cataldo
3. Busick, Busick, Marsh, Edwards

Third Flight:
1. Carr, Phillips, Harsh, Buechel
2. Teter, Myers, Clark, Cook
3. Rowley, Crozier, Kennedy, Flesher

Fourth Flight:
1. Mooers, McChesney, Clabaugh, Allen
2. Harding, Bauer, Vice, Bauer
3. Milburn, Kauzlarich, Gray, Ripperger

This tournament was not originally on the calendar, but we heard people wanting to have another “best shot” tournament so we added it to the schedule. Thanks to the turnout and weather, it was a success. Hope everyone enjoyed the day and thanks to everyone for participating.