Labor Day Scramble Results

Here are the results of the Labor Day Weekend Scramble. We had 28 teams participant. There were four flights and we paid out the top three teams in each flight.

First place in each flight is $160 for each team. Second place is $130 per team and third place is $100 per team. Payout is in the form of clubhouse credit.

First Flight
1. Doug Thill, Jared Thill, Jim Thill, Ted Myers (56)
2. Mike Worthington, Rob Adreon, Mike Nunez, Brian Kipping (56)
2. Justin Flaws, Jay Flaws, Josh Flaws, Jordan Flaws (56)

Second Flight
1. Tony Kauzlarich,T.J. Cataldo,Ted Myers,Dick Michaelis (60)
2. Tim Koerselman, Todd Day, Joe Day, Jason Rosenbalm (60)
3. Sonny Teter, Phil Ray, Jared Thill, Jim Thill (60)

Third Flight
1. Dennis McNerny, Craig Kaufman, Chad DeJoode, Mike Oliva (62)
2. Randy McMain, Greg McMain, Denny Mooers, Mark Hawbaker (62)
3. Rob Adreon, Caleb Adreon, Tim Koerselman, Dick Michaelis (62)

Fourth Flight
1. Sean Gordon, Carl Phillips, Josh Kieleger, Russ Stenson (63)
2. Jeff Ornduff, David Ornduff, Brian Ornduff, Adam Ornduff (63)
3. Denny Mooers, Todd Lester, Lorri Lester, Ross Eveland (64)

Congratulations to those who won and thanks to everyone who participated.