Shortys Results

Here are the results of the Shorty’s Tournament that was held on Sunday, September 15th.

First Flight
1. Doug Thill, Jared Thill, Jim Thill, Colton Furnal
2. Josh Bishop, Ryan Bishop, Jesse Seufferer, Waylon
3. Justin Flaws, Jordan Flaws, Josh Flaws, Eric Yates

Second Flight
1. Steve March, Cody Marsh, Dick Marsh, Rod Beier
2. J. Kennedy, J. Kennedy, Brandon Kennedy, Trent Kennedy
3. Jeremy Orr, Andy English, Jake Bryan, Tyler Overton

Third Flight
1. Randy McMain, Greg McMain, Mark Hawbaker, Denny Mooers
2. Rich Gordon, Dylan Gordon, Luaun Markley, Shane Jahner
3. Fuzzy Allen, Darla Allen, Art H., Nick H.

Fourth Flight
1. Lonnie Crownover, Ryan Jeriske, Dan Thill, Ted Myers
2. Coey Carr, Nate Phillips, Josh Phillips, Ryan Smith
3. Verle McGraw, Grant McGraw, Graham McGraw, Garth McGraw

First place in each flight is $80.00/person. Second place in each flight is $55.00/person. Third place in each flight is $40.00/person.

Payout is in the form of clubhouse credit.