Kickoff Bucket Results

Here are the results of the Kickoff Bucket Tournament that was held on Sunday, May 5th.

First Flight
1. Jason Rosenbalm, Brian Kipping, Jeff Ornduff, John Cataldo
2. Ken Hook Jr., Ken Hook Sr., Todd Isley, Patti Isley
3. Jeremy Orr, Jackie Williams, Tyler Overton, Trent Freeman
4. Randy McMain, Greg McMain, Dan Bach, John Simon

Second Flight
1. Brady Roland, Tyler Fransen, Derek Dunn, Dylan Dunn
2. Glenn Freeland, Mark Jones, Kurt Brooks
3. TJ Flesher, Jim Crozier, Jarrod Dircks, Jordy Trickle
4. Scott Bacon, Ron Bacon, Braiden Mecham, Chuck Karas

Payouts (in clubhouse credit):
1st place in each flight: $65.00/player
2nd place in each flight: $45.00/player
3rd place in each flight: $40.00/player
4th place in each flight: $30.00/player

Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you enjoyed yourself and will join us for other events this year.