Memorial Day Results

Here are the results of the Memorial Day Weekend Best Shot Tournament.

First Flight
1. Jared Thill, Doug Thill, Jim Thill, Dick Michaelis
2. Ken Hook, Rhonda Hook, Todd Isley, Patti Isley
3. Jeff Ornduff, Adam Ornduff, Brian Ornduff, David Ornduff
4. Jackie Williams, Sean Gordon, Jeremy Orr, Carl Phillips

Second Flight
1. John Cataldo, Kim Cataldo, Todd Isley, Patti Isley
2. Jordy Tickle, Chris Petersen, BJ Wells, Justin Johnson
3. Jeremy Orr, Jackie Williams, Sean Gordon, Tyler Overton
4. Mike Nunez, Laura Nunez, Brian Kipping, Kelly Kipping

Third Flight
1. Bob Gray, Bill Melborn, Tony Kauzlarich, Ivan Ripperger
2. Dave McChesney, Denny Mooers, Randy McMain, Greg McMain
3. Jordy Tickle, Mark Bishop, TJ Flesher, D.J.
4. Scott Bacon, Ron Bacon, Braiden Mecham, Chuck Karas

Fourth Flight
1. Ken Hook, Carroll Isley, Patti Isley, Todd Isley
2. Ross Eveland, Denny Mooers, Lorri Lester, Todd Lester
3. Ryan Taylor, Josh Wallace
4. Todd Krauth, Shelly Krauth, Fuzzy Allen, Darla Lovell

We had 24 teams participate this weekend. We had 4 flights of 6 six teams and paid out the top 4 in each flight.

Payouts (in clubhouse credit):
1st place in each flight: $35.00/player
2nd place in each flight: $25.00/player
3rd place in each flight: $20.00/player
4th place in each flight: $10.00/player

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the weekend. Our next tournament is our 3 Person Blind Draw on Sunday, June 1st.